Personal Submarines & Submersibles for Professionals & Private Luxury Yachts

Personal Submarines Aurora 3c person.


SEAmagine is a leading designer and manufacturer of small personal submarines and submersibles for yachts and professionals with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces small personal submarines and private submersibles with depths ranging from 150 meters to 1500 meters deep. All personal subs are based on the company's patented submarine technology that provides excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance. These personal private submersibles are ABS classed and the subs are also approved for the Cayman flag.




SEAmagine's Small Personal Submarines FOR YACHTS have an Unrivaled Track Record with Over 12,000 Dives



Expedition 6 Person

personal expedition submarines Aurora-6S.

SEAmagine's New 6 Person Expedition Submarine

The AURORA-6S is a 6 person submarine ideal for group expeditions. This ABS Classed submarine has a maximum depth rating range of 330 m to 1000 m and has a dry weight starting at 7500 kg. The submarine’s extra-large transparent spherical cabin provides all occupants a view unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons and thereby provides the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it.

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2 to 6 Person Models

Personal Small Private Submarines SEAmagine Models.

150m to 1500m Depth Rated Submarines, ABS CLASSED

Discover 2 to 6 person models of private submarines and submersibles with depth ratings from 150m to 1500m deep and represents the culmination of 20 years' experience in the industry and a design evolution from over 12,000 dives accumulated on the company's private subs with a perfect safety record. The company's private luxury subs for yachts are ABS Classed & Cayman Flag approved.

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Compact - Light 3 Person

personal small private submarines Aurora-3c.

SEAmagine's Compact and Light 3 Person Model

The AURORA-3C personal submarine model is compact in size and weight, holds 1 pilot and 2 passengers, and is a 1 Atmosphere ABS or DNV-GL Classed vessel with a depth rating of up to 457m (1500ft). The configuration provides these private submersibles occupants an exceptional view and spacious cabin space while its light weight and smaller size makes these subs easier to integrate onto a ship.

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SEAmagine Submarines in Action