1. We Provide Adjustments on the Submersible Sizes and Weights to Help Integration

SEAmagine is well aware that a one size fits all is often not helpful for our clients regarding integrating personal submarines onto a given ship. We often make adjustments for our clients on the exact final dimensions, dry weight of a given submersible, and hoisting arrangement to help its integration onto a given ship. The adjustments on the final dimensions depend on determining which aspects, height, width, or length, are the limiting factors after which we can provide a comprehensive solution. The adjustment on the dry weight is often achieved by adjusting the maximum depth rating of personal submarines as deeper ratings involve an increase in its final weight. The adjustments we provide do not reduce fundamental performance characteristics of the personal submarines.


2. We Provide Engineering Expertise to Help a Ship's Preparations

personal small private submarines showing powerful propulsion motors.

SEAmagine is a full solution center and provides extensive support to help owners, naval architects, yacht management companies, and shipyards plan properly for the integration of personal submarines onto a ship to ensure the eventual operation makes sense. Preparations include for example, launch and recovery arrangements, electrical outlets interface for the submersible battery charger, oxygen requirements, air compressor requirements, storage requirements, topside tracking arrangements to name a few. Proper preparations ensure a thought through operational installation that promotes safety, practicality, and performance


3. We Offer Custom Solutions for Unique Configuration Requirements

The SEAmagine team has many years expertise in the design, installation, and operation of its personal submarines and we can offer fully custom solutions to meet specific requests and operational objectives. The customization of our personal submarines is based extensively on its existing submersible technology that is well proven and can meet specific requests by readjusting the submersible’s configuration as opposed to coming up with new technology from scratch. Special request are handled on a case by case basis and we can provide a final solution that will ensure safety, practicality, and efficiency.


4. We Offer Mobile and Self Contained Submersible Solutions

personal small private submarines showing powerful propulsion motors.

SEAmagine does offer solutions for projects that seek a mobile and self-contained submersible setup where the personal submarines and their support equipment are integrated in a standard shipping container. This approach allows for a given setup to be shipped to different locations around the world to various ships of opportunity and maintain the same fundamental base of operation.


We Ensure The Submersible Shipment Has All Support Equipment as a Full Solution

personal small private submarines showing setup.

In conjunction with the pre-planning process, SEAmagine ensures that the personal submarines are shipped with the required setup equipment and all the details required for full field installation. Each client is different and the requirements vary depending on a given ship. Prior to shipment, a few specific details are planned on the ships to receive their personal submarines such that, upon arrival, the personal submarines can be readily setup for operation.


We Provide Engineers Onsite for the Initial Setup and Adjust Operational Details

personal small private submarines showing gentle entry stair case.

Along with its full solution approach and pre-planning process, SEAmagine engineers will be available upon receipt of the submersible to the client’s ship and lead the initial setup and all the operational details specific for that ship. The pre-planning process will ensure that the main aspects are handled and typically a number of operational details will need assistance and rely on SEAmagine’s field experience. The installation includes the submersible setup on deck, the launch and recovery process, the charging process, topside setup and preparations and producing operational checklists specific for the given setup. Typically this installation phase is performed in conjunction with the crew and pilot training process.


We Provide Ongoing Technical and Operational Support

luxury submarine undergoing technical checkup.

SEAmagine does not consider its work completed upon shipment of its personal submarines but instead focuses ensuring a fully successful operation is established and maintained. In many cases the clients’ goals for their personal submarines evolve over time and SEAmagine provides an ongoing technical support program to answer the corresponding evolving requirements.