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personal small private submarine in archaeology.

"For many years, SEAmagine has been involved with the design, construction and operation of manned submersibles. In addition, the company's leaders have been involved with a wide variety of professional activities in the general area of undersea vehicle operations.  This dedication and broad experience in manned submersible development have put the company in an excellent position to expand its in-house training programs to encompass a full range of manned submersibles."

Dr. Don Walsh | President - International Maritime Inc. | Dr. Walsh was named one of the world’s great explorers by Life Magazine and was appointed by Presidents Carter and Reagan to the U.S. National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere. Dr. Walsh was the first commander of the Navy's Bathyscaphe Trieste and in 1960 he and co-pilot Jacques Piccard dove the historical dive with the Trieste into the deepest place in the World Ocean, a depth of seven miles.


portrait of Dr George Bass.

"I visited submersible manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and North America looking for something suitable for us. Don Walsh, one of only two people ever to have gone to the deepest part of the oceans, suggested that I consider the SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation of Claremont, California. The result, funded by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, and named Carolyn after the wife of Malcolm Wiener, founder of that institute, is practically perfect for our needs."

Dr. George Bass | Founder - Institute of Nautical Archaeology - Distinguished Professor Emeritus Texas A|M University | George F. Bass was the first person to excavate an ancient shipwreck in its entirety on the sea bed. Since 1960 he has excavated Bronze Age, Classical Age, and Byzantine wrecks. Founder of the Institute for Nautical Archaeology (INA), he is now Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Texas A|M University. He has been awarded the Archaeological Institute of America's Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement, an Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award, a National Geographic Society La Gorce Gold Medal and the Society's Centennial Award, the J.C. Harrington Medal from The Society for Historical Archaeology, and honorary doctorates from Boğazici University in Istanbul and the University of Liverpool. In 2002 President George W. Bush presented him with the National Medal of Science.



"I’ve been diving for more than 40 years and this ranks right near the top. This system definitely provides a unique communion with the ocean. You all should be very proud of your efforts, especially the engineering simplicity.”"

Kym Murphy - The Walt Disney Company | Marine biologist, Kym Murphy, has been involved in the design, development and operation of theme parks (e.g., Sea World, Marineland and Walt Disney World) for the past 37 years. In conjunction with these roles, he has also developed in-house and out-of-house environmental education programs for these organizations.


portrait of mike.

"40 dives in the MIRS, I’ve got to have 50 dives in Alvin – Deep Rover, Double Deep Rover, Deep Workers, probably 20 or so in the Johnson Sealink - But Deep Sea actually surprised me. My first experience in the Deep Sea was in the Sea of Cortez. I just really appreciated the simplicity and elegance designed and implemented on the Deep Sea. It was very easy to get in and out of and once the dive began I really became impressed – The sub works – It’s the real deal, there’s no question about that. There is absolutely no doubt, that submarine operation stacks up against any sub operation I have been with. I am comparing it to a lot of different submersibles that I have dived in some of which I am a pilot for. When I was in the Sea of Cortez with the Deep Sea operation I had nothing but appreciation."

Mike DeGry | Deep Sea Cinematographer | Commenting on his experience with Undersea Hunter's 3 Person submersible named Deepsee produced by SEAmagine | Mike DeGry was an American documentary filmmaker specializing in underwater cinematography. His credits include Life in the Freezer, Trials of Life, The Blue Planet and Pacific Abyss. His notable accomplishments include diving beneath thermal vents in both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. He was a member of many deep sea expeditions and was a part of the team that first filmed the vampire squid and the nautilus.



"Had I been a potential client I'd have signed before we even finished the descent. The submersible is set to be the ultimate feature on the superyacht."

Tork Buckley | The Yacht Report Magazine



"Wow! This machine has great potential. In this day and age of thrills, everyone will want to ride in it. It’s thrilling, it’s fun, and allows you to experience a new, undersea world. My hat goes off to you all."

Allan Cross | V.P - The Walt Disney Company, Disney Imagineering





submarine owner ed punchard image.

"I love my Ocean Pearl, and my experience of Seamagine has been fantastic. When I started to seriously pursue our filming work for a 6x60 series for National Geographic, I contacted Seamagine and was quickly convinced. I have a pretty strong background from the UK oil industry and the North Sea and when I looked at these subs it was clear to me that they were really well engineered, solid and substantial. All the operational components and their integration made sense both internally and externally. I liked the redundancy and the simplicity of all the individual systems. The visibility from inside seemed outstanding and I could quickly see how all our external add-ons of additional lights and cameras could be applied to the hull. In the field all my hopes and expectations have been met. Ours are intense and demanding film projects and the sub has been probably the most reliable component of the whole operation. In all my dealings, Seamagine have been immediately responsive, reasonable and clear. They are also insistent on what should and should not be done with this potentially edgy piece of equipment. I've been very grateful for this when some of our film directors get over ambitious! I have never found them to overcharge on equipment or their man hours. Most of all though, I feel that they remain part of my team. It is reassuring to know they are only a phone call away no matter what time of day or night if an issue arises. I don't have any sense that they want to sell you something and then leave you to it. I think when you buy one of their subs, they themselves want to know that the owner will be operating well and safely over a long period. I would say that for me that is the most important benefit of the decision that I made and I think it’s also why they have such an impressive no incident rate. Then there is the experience. Oh my, it’s amazing. To be in the ocean with no visual sense of being contained, it’s an indescribable thrill. A new world of joy opens to you and your companions. The privilege of entering the undersea, in this way, in so much comfort, it is mind blowing and unforgettable to anyone who experiences it.”

Ed Punchard | SEAmagine Sub Owner and Trained Pilot, Former North Sea Diver, Film Maker, Maritime Archaeologist.




personal submarine owner shmulik blum.

"When I present the DEEPSEE submersible, a SEAmagine 3-man 1500ft (460m) depth rated sub, I always open proudly saying that we have never lost a dive! For us, as an operator, that’s what counts. We operate the Sub from a support ship in the remote Cocos Island, 300 miles off the pacific coast of Costa Rica, and we normally conduct close to 350 dives a year. The secret lies in the design, the engineers at SEAmagine found smart and simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Surface flotation, 8 electrical thrusters for great maneuverability, no complicated electronics, but yet, full controls of all systems from a single pilot station. When you open the “hood” it all makes sense, no systems only an engineer can understand. What makes the DEEPSEE a success story for us, is the ease of operation. With sufficient surface flotation, and a clam-shell cabin design, the boarding to the sub is an easy task. The 360deg view makes the diving experience remarkable as well as making the piloting easy for the operator. When the Sub was built, SEAmagine left enough room for future expansion on the submersible which makes it easy to install new systems, such as a state of the art robotic arm, more underwater lights, more pan and tilt units, and soon a scientific collecting system. All these features let us turn the sub from an observation platform to an active working tool. Our base of operation is remote and our projects can take to various other remote locations, yet I know that if I run into a technical problem the engineers at SEAmagine will be there to help me and find solutions. The DEEPSEE sub is ABS classed, I found SEAmagine’s professional and personal contacts with ABS a great help to schedule and conduct annual survey where ever we are. When I talk about submersibles, I look at it from the point of view of an owner and an operator. The relatively low operational costs, the small spare parts inventory, and the low break down instances all make SEAmagine subs cost effective for the owner, and provide peace of mind to the operator that is responsible to ensure the owner enjoys diving the sub. When we selected SEAmagine for our submarine 10 years ago, we did not realize how crucial this decision was for our operation today. If I had to choose to build a new submersible today, without a doubt I would choose SEAmagine as I know for sure that all the experiences accumulated over the last 10 years of operation would be embedded in the new sub and that all the latest technologies would be included and result in a super submersible. ”

Shmulik Blum | SEAmagine Sub Owner and Chief Pilot, DEEPSEE Submersible, www.underseahunter.com




personal small private submarine diving underneath its support yacht.

"NEMO is a completely autonomous, one atmosphere, SEAmagine submersible. Together with its support ship, it is capable of a multitude of tasks within a three hundred mile radius of port. When seated in Nemo's comfortable cabin, the occupants are afforded a 360 degree view of the surrounding ocean. It is not uncommon for the passengers to comment that the glass seems to disappear once the sub submerges. One of Nemo's major design features is its ease of deployment. It can be lowered (unmanned) into the sea avoiding the requirement of a 'man rated' crane. This feature gives Nemo the ability to submerge with different passengers repeatedly during the day without the need for the sub's retrieval aboard the ship. Nemo has been designed with the utmost safety in mind.”

Mike Caplehorn | SEAmagine Sub Owner




image of Ofer Ketter.

“Travelling in a SEAmagine submersible, is a dream come true. The design, operation and overall experience are real! Being able to walk off a boat, step in a sub, drive out to the dive site, and then effortlessly go down to the bottom of the ocean to see the ocean as never seen before! This is an extremely complicated objective to achieve safely - SEAmagine has succeeded. “

Ofer Ketter | Chief Pilot and 85m Yacht Activity Coordinator