Surpass Objectives - Provide Installation Solutions - Professional Setup - Thorough Training Program


A Professional Process

SEAmagine pays strong attention to its clients’ objectives and long term goals regarding the purpose of each luxury submarine. Whether it is for luxury yachting, professional, or scientific purposes the objectives are met by defining the most appropriate features on the submarine and by ensuring a comprehensive setup of operation specific for a given ship.



From understanding our clients’ objectives we recommend our best suited luxury submarine model which can be modified so that final dimensions and weight suit a given client’s technical requirements. Depending on the client main objectives we can recommend a series of tools and optional equipment specific for the sought missions for the submersible. SEAmagine will study the luxury ships capabilities and arrangements and provides its recommended approach on how best to prepare the ship for receiving the luxury submarine and how best to set it up for safe and efficient submarine operations.



personal small private submarine docking to large yacht.

Along with its full solution approach and pre-planning process, SEAmagine engineers will be available upon receipt of the luxury submarine to the client’s ship and will lead the initial setup regarding the entire operational details specific for that ship. The pre-planning process will ensure that the main aspects have been handled, with typically a number of operational details needing assistance and relying on SEAmagine’s field experience. The setup includes the luxury submarine setup on deck, the launch and recovery process, the charging process, topside setup and preparations, and producing operational checklists specific for the given setup. Typically this setup phase is performed in conjunction with the crew and pilot training process.



SEAmagine is well aware that a one size fits all is often not helpful for our clients regarding integrating a luxury submarine onto a given ship. We often make adjustments for our clients on the exact final dimensions, dry weight of a given submersible, and hoisting arrangement to help its integration onto a given luxury ship. The adjustments on the final dimensions depend on determining which aspects, height, width, or length, are the limiting factors after which we can provide a comprehensive solution. The adjustment on the dry weight is often achieved by adjusting exactly the maximum depth rating of a submersible as deeper ratings involve an increase in its final weight. The adjustments we provide do not reduce fundamental performance characteristics of the luxury submarine.




Establishing Safe and Efficient Operational Procedures & Protocol

personal small private submarine docking to large yacht.

Professional Training Program

SEAmagine has been training submarine pilots for its luxury submersibles since 1999 with an excellent track record regarding safety and ensuring each setup becomes highly qualified performing submersible operations with solid proficiency. Over the years the training program expanded to cover not only the submersible pilots but also the support crew and ensure that the topside controller, who acts as a control tower, is also formally trained. Establishing safe and practical submarine operation is more than just training a person to pilot a luxury submersible, it is about establishing a system of operational protocol and training all personnel involved to be familiar on operational procedures.



ABS surveyor inspecting submarine.

Providing Long Term Client Support as the Operation Evolves

After a luxury submarine operation is setup, SEAmagine’s technical support program provides ongoing expertise to the crew to maintain the luxury submarine and handle annual surveys and general upkeep. Our program involves a once a year maintenance schedule where our engineers perform a full annual preventive maintenance checkup at the client’s site. We typically handle this annual field maintenance schedule in conjunction with the annual survey required by the submersible’s classification society’s and help clients through the regulatory process.