personal small private submarines showing robotic arm holding a crab.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS and TECHNOLOGY for Deep Sea Submersibles

Over time, SEAmagine's customers have continued to add new features to expand their deep sea personal submersibles' capabilities. Robotic arms, fly-out ROVs that can be controlled from the cabin, and 360 degree panoramic HD video cameras are among the many options for a given personal submarine. The modularity of SEAmagine’s deep sea submarine provides interface modularity and allows for the integration of additional peripherals to be integrated after delivery. This allows owners of the personal submarine to add equipment as their interests evolve and as new technology is developed with room for expansion in the future as new technology is developed.

personal small private submarines computer monitors inside the cabin.


SEAmagine submersibles' cabin controls are not only based on the latest technologies but are also designed to be robust and practical to ensure simplicity and a high reliability of the personal submarine. The prime systems such as the life support and thrusters are controlled manually by the pilot in the sub. These controls and the navigation monitor are located by the submarine pilot. Controls for the peripheral devices such as the robotic arm and cameras can be easily accessed by all occupants in the submarine. As all occupants also have a clear field of view outside the deep sea personal submersibles, anyone can operate these external submarine tools under the supervision of the trained pilot. The prime systems to operate the deep sea submarine are independent of each other and represent a solid reliable platform upon which various additional technologies are added upon. The personal submarine pilot control station and computer monitor are separate from the peripheral controls and video monitors such that more than one person can operate the cameras or manipulators. All occupants have excellent field of views such that each person in the personal submarine cabin can select to participate operate the optional submarine tools under the supervision of the trained pilot.

personal small private submarines on their custom road trailer.


SEAmagine's 2 Person Ocean Pearl deep sea submersibles are small, highly mobile submarine that is readily towed on land with its optional custom 10,000lb rated submersible trailer. This feature is ideal for fast response mobilization of the submarine to locations accessible by road. In remote areas without cranes, the Ocean Pearl personal sub models can be launched from a regular boat ramp. and thereby avoid requiring large cranes. This feature is ideal for rapid submarine response mobilization to multiple locations either fresh water lakes or to ocean fronts.

Optional Personal Submarine Tools

HD VIDEO SYSTEMS WITh PAN and TILT For Deep Sea Submersibles

personal small private submarines equipped with HD camera and pan and tilt unit.

SEAmagine’s deep sea submmersible can be outfitted with multiple underwater HD camera video systems mounted on pan & tilt units. These are fully controllable from inside the personal submarine cabin. Video signals are transmitted over fiber optic lines and stored on HD recorders with swappable memory. Each storage card has a capacity equivalent of 10 hours recording in HD format.


5 to 7 axis Robotic Manipulator Systems For Deep Sea Submersibles

personal small private submarines equipped with robotic arm extended.

SEAmagine offers a range of robotic manipulators with 5 to 7 degrees of freedom fully controlled from inside the submarine cabin. The manipulator systems are hydraulic and are mounted on a jettison assembly such that the arm can be released from the deep sea submersibles in case the manipulator fails clamped onto an object. The manipulator controls are in a hand held console such that different people in the personal submarine cabin can use it.


NEW 360 DEG HD VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM Deep Sea Submersibles

personal small private submarines equipped with 360 panoramic camera.

SEAmagine's unique 360 Deg HD camera allows an all-around panoramic recording during the perosnal submersible dive. The six camera assembly is installed inside SEAmagine’s transparent hyper-hemisphere housing. The footage is recorded in HD on a dedicated recorder located inside the cabin that is controlled via the pilot's video touch screen monitor. The videos from all the six cameras are stitched into a 360 panorama such that when it is played back the viewer can scroll in any direction, as the video is running much like scrolling on Google Earth's 360 pictures but in this case the viewer sees 360 HD footage of the dive.



personal small private submarines equipped with mini ROV that is controlled from inside the subs.

This Mini ROV system is fully integrated into the deep sea submersibles and powered from the personal submersibles power bank. The ROV is deployed from its garage at the back of the perosnal submersibles and equipped with a 20m tether handled by its dedicated tether management system that is controlled from the cabin. The ROV includes and HD video camera which outputs to the video monitor in the cabin, a small arm with a three finger grabber, and a cable cutter that can be used in self rescue situations. All controls are accessible from inside the personal submarine cabin. In case of emergency, the ROV can be jettisoned from the personal submersible.