Additional Optional Devices

SEAmagine submersibles are equipped with all the key equipment necessary for operating the subs accurately and safely in deep water. In addition, SEAmagine subs do have room for expansion so that owners can select to add more purpose specific equipment.

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All SEAmagine’s submersibles can be equipped with a wide arrays of optional equipment such as ultra-HD cameras, robotic manipulator arms, imaging sonars, scientific sensors, or custom built devices. These options are in addition to our standard subsea equipment already integrated with each sub.

Optional Underwater Tools

SEAmagine submersibles are built with the key subsea technology required for sub operations already integrated into them. This includes underwater communication, underwater navigation, underwater lighting, dual frequency sonars, topside tracking equipment, and more. In addition to the equipment already included with each sub,

SEAmagine subs do have room for expansion so that owners can select to add more technology at any time. Typical additional options include devices such as specific underwater Ultra-HD cameras, 5-axis to 7-axis robotic manipulator arms, or more underwater lighting, but depending on the subs application, there are a wide range of

additional scientific and industrial subsea tools that can be added to the vehicle. SEAmagine also offers custom built assemblies that can be mounted at the front of the sub for specific objectives.

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Submersible Subsea Equipment

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• Underwater Voice Communication System

• 80,000 - 120,000 lumens of adjustable underwater lights

• Dual Frequency Forward Looking Sonar

• DVL with INS Underwater Navigation

• USBL Underwater Navigation

• Topside Underwater Tracking System

• Emergency Strobe Light

• Ocean Depth and Water Temperature Measurement

• External Joystick for Surface Controls


Optional Additional Equipment Available


• 5-Axis to 7 Axis Hydraulic Robotic Manipulators

• Extra Battery Power Banks

• 4K UHD Underwater Cameras

• RED Underwater Camera Systems

• 360 Degree 6K UHD Underwater Camera System

• Additional Underwater Lights

• Pan & Tilt Unit for Cameras

• Pan & Tilt Unit for Additional Equipment

• Multibeam Imaging Sonars

• 2D -3D Mapping Sonars

• Underwater Modem Link

• Sample Collection Systems

• Subsea Profiling Systems

• Oceanographic CTDs

…and more

Subsea Torque Tools & Other Equipment

What Submersible Subsea Equipment Do You Need?

Should you be seeking clarity on what submersible subsea equipment is required for your project, note that SEAmagine has already integrated within each of its submersibles a comprehensive range of essential equipment necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel underwater. This includes underwater communication equipment, underwater navigation equipment, surface tracking gear, powerful underwater lighting, and various other indispensable components.

The extra flexibility that SEAmagine provides is in the selection of optional subsea equipment tailored to execute specific underwater tasks pertinent to your project's unique demands. These supplementary options encompass features such as ultra-high-definition filming capabilities, robotic manipulator arms for precise object handling, subsea equipment for sample collection and measurements, underwater cutting tools, underwater mapping tools, and more. Our aim is to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary resources to successfully accomplish your project objectives with utmost precision and efficiency.

Subsea Torque Tools

SEAmagine offers a wide variety of high-quality subsea tools to suit all your underwater needs. Our subsea torque tools, for example, are designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of the subsea environment. Offering a comprehensive selection of subsea electric torque tools and subsea hydraulic tools, we are well-equipped to supply you with the precise tool necessary for your specific project.

What Additional Equipment Do You Need?

The subsea environment presents unique challenges and if you inform us about your goals, we can provide you the information on the tools required to achieve them. At SEAmagine, we understand the uniqueness of each project and the necessity for tailored underwater solutions. This is precisely why we provide an extensive selection of submersible subsea equipment that can be meticulously customized to align with your precise project requirements. Our team of seasoned engineers and technicians can collaborate closely with you, leveraging their expertise and experience to ensure that the equipment provided precisely fulfills the unique demands of your project.

What Makes SEAmagine the Best Company for Me?

SEAmagine holds a distinguished position as a prominent leader in the manufacturing of manned submersibles in the industry. Our submersibles are equipped with an extensive array of cutting-edge subsea equipment, showcasing the latest advancements in technology. We have earned the trust and preference of numerous customers worldwide owing to our longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional, high-quality, and reliable submersibles and support equipment. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we establish close collaboration with our clients right from the project's inception, ensuring that their unique requirements are fully understood and met. To explore how we can assist you in achieving your goals, we encourage you to contact us without delay.

SEAmagine's remarkable legacy spans nearly three decades, during which we have consistently produced extraordinary submersibles that have delighted clients worldwide. To gain further insights into our range of submersibles or to seek clarification on any inquiries you may have, please reach out to us by completing our online form.

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