Extra Deep Depths or Multi-Passenger Submersibles

Based on the extensive usage of SEAmagine subs over many years, and representing thousands of dives with a solid history of reliability, SEAmagine offers deep-ocean depth rated manned submersibles that are ideal for the scientific community. Our larger 3 to 7 passenger submarines models are perfect for the commercial tourism sector that requires robust subs that can operate daily year round and not break down.
submarine on crane

Deep Diving Subs with Optimal Launch Weights

SEAmagine offers 1000m, 1300m, 1500m, and 2300m depth rated version of its standard Aurora models that are ideal for the scientific community and deeper depth rated custom versions of our subs are also possible. Our deep rated model have the great advantage of having optimal launch weights and thereby simplify launch & recovery requirements for the mother-ship.

submarine docked for boarding

Multi-Passenger Configurations with Robustness

SEAmagine offers 3 to 7 person submersibles that are perfect for the tourism sector as they offer the best passenger boarding configuration, have the most spacious seating with front row seats for everyone, and are built for robustness so that they can operate daily all year round. SEAmagine has a well proven track record of its subs dependability for the tourism sector.

submarine on military ship deck

Spacious Interiors with Impressive Underwater Views

For science or for recreation, the SEAmagine subs are built with more a spacious interiors than offered on the market by other subs. This is because the Aurora submersibles have a rear hull section that provide important additional space to the window’s interior for seating space or for scientific equipment. The subs’ bubbles have no overhead hatch and there are no large front pontoons structures all of which provides occupants both a panoramic viewing as well as far superior up close observations.

submarine on military ship deck

Powerful Propulsion for Up Close Observations

SEAmagine submersibles have a unique propulsion arrangement with impressive power efficiencies that provides them unsurpassed agility with strength. This important characteristic allows pilots to safely drive up close to reefs or walls for exceptionally up close observations. This ability, coupled with a wide array of subsea tools, is imperative for scientific missions and is also key for the tourism sector seeking to provide memorable experiences to its customers.

Our Main Models for the Tourism Sector

SEAmagine offers a number variations of its submersibles with different depth ratings and different occupancy capacity ranging between 2 to 7 persons. The following are some of our main models for the tourism sector:
Compact Aurora-3C

3 Person 3800Kg Weight
460m Depth Rated

Aurora-80 Series

3 Person: 500-1000m Depth Rated
5 Person: 300m Depth Rated

Aurora-90 Series

5 Person: 500-1000m Depth Rated
6 Person: 100m Depth Rated

Aurora-100 Series

6 Person: 500-1000m Depth Rated
7 Person: 100m Depth Rated

Our Main Models for the Scientific Sector

From the selection of submersible options that SEAmagine offers, the following 3 person configurations are some our recommended models for the scientific community:
Compact Aurora-3C

3 Person 4765Kg Weight
1000m Depth Rated

Aurora-80 Series

3 Person
1000m Depth Rated Option
1300m Depth Rated Option

Aurora-100 Series

3 Person
1500m Depth Rated Option
2300m Depth Rated Option

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