personal small private submarines Triumph model passenger looking overhead underwater.


The TRIUMPH personal submersibles are robust, safe, and practical 3 person (1 pilot + 2 Passengers) private luxury submarines for yachts that offer an excellent field of view to the occupants. These private luxury submarines open as a clamshell and allows for easy entry and exit from the yachts. In surface mode, the patented flotation systems permit these private luxury submarines to float high above the water line with a high freeboard when docked to the yachts. When submerged, the personal submersibles are positively buoyant at all times and, should the thrusters stop, the personal submersibles will gently rise back to the surface. Underwater, these private luxury submarines remains horizontal at all times and do not roll or pitch. When the personal submersibles are near the surface at the end of the dive, the flotation bladders are re-inflated such that the personal submersibles float back on the water’s surface at which point they are docked back to the yachts.

personal small private submarines with comfortable boarding while docked to the yacht.

Private Luxury Submarines Comfortable Boarding

The TRIUMPH private luxury submarines have a cabin with a clam shell design that fully opens in half offering a 1.53m (5ft) hatch for comfortable boarding and exit. The personal submersibles are launched unmanned and floats high above the water line when on surface. The external joystick system allows the crew to drive these private luxury submarines at surface without requiring their cabin to be opened until it is securely docked to the swim deck or support topside tender. Once launched, these private luxury submarines can perform multiple dives in a day without the need to hoist it back on deck. The personal submersibles' life support system is a large rebreather system with scrubbers removing the CO2 and oxygen replenished that maintains a 1 atmosphere pressure inside the cabin at all times with normal breathing air levels. The cabin life support is provided by a large rebreather system. Oxygen is replaced as used and CO2 is removed by scrubbers so that normal air breathing levels and a 1 atmosphere pressure are maintained. The personal submersibles' cabin clam shell design is robust and it can be opened from the outside as well as from the inside.



personal small private subs with three passengers looking at reef.

Private Luxury Submarines With High Maneuverability and High Payload

The TRIUMPH private luxury submarines maintain positive buoyancy at all times underwater and it is their vertical propulsion thrusters that what keeps the personal submersibles underwater. If the vertical propulsion is stopped the personal submarine will always gently rise back to surface. The TRIUMPH private luxury submarines can readily hover at a specific location and maintain accurately maintain its positioning ideal for filming and underwater intervention work. The TRIUMPH personal submersibles are equipped with lateral thrusters that allow it to move sideways which enhances the maneuverability. These private luxury submarines have considerable spare buoyancy ballast that permits high payload recovery. The TRIUMPH personal submersibles have a great field of view in all directions from inside the cabin including directly below which is important for up close observation filming, or handling a robotic manipulator.

Private Luxury Submarines Technical Overview

3 PERSON TRIUMPH - ABS Classed Private Luxury Submarines - 200m to 500m Depth Rated

personal small private submarines Triumph model side view.


seamagine triumph model specs pdf. TRIUMPH 3 PERSON Submarines SPECIFICATIONS

Designer / Manufacturer SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Number of Occupants 2 Passengers + 1 Pilot
Maximum Operating Depth 200m (650ft) to 500m (1640ft)
Classification American Bureau of Shipping
Additional Approval Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
Length 5.33 m (17.5 ft)
Width 3.11 m (10.2 ft)
Height 3.05 m (10.0 ft)
Dry Weight 6282 Kg (13,850 lbs)
Size and Weight Can Be Customized
Cabin Payload 340 Kg (750 lbs)
Hatch Diameter 1.53 m (5.0 ft)
Hoist Arrangement Single Point Hoist
Maximum Speed 3 Knots
Propulsion Type DC Electric, Venturi Shaped Thrusters
Horizontal Propulsion 4 x Thrusters
Lateral Propulsion 2 x Thrusters
Vertical Propulsion 2 x Thrusters
Propulsion Mission Time 6 Hours
Mission Time 6 Hours
Reserve Capacity 96 Hours
Oxygen Monitoring Dual O2 Sensors
CO2 Monitoring Dual CO2 Sensors
Oxygen Delivery System Flow Control
Backup Breathing Systems Standalone Independent Units
Battery Type AGM Lead Acid
Total Power Capacity 42 KWH
Propulsion Power Capacity 34 KWH
Instrumentation Power Capacity 8 KWH
Charging Time 5 - 7 Hours


Full ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Classification
Underwater Communication System for Personal Submersible and Topside
Topside USBL (Ultra Short Baseline) Tracking Hand Carry Console
Dual Frequency Forward Looking Sonar
5 X LED Flood Lights + 2 X LED Spot Lights
Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) Navigation on Personal Submersible
USBL GPS Navigation Software on Submersible
External Wet Joystick for Surface Handling
Submersible Battery Charger
Color Customized to Client's Request


Robotic Manipulators Arms 5 to 7 Axis Models
Underwater HD Video Systems with Pan and Tilt Units
Fly-Out Mini ROV System with HD Camera, Cutter, and Grabber
SEAmagine 360 Degree Underwater HD Camera System
...More Additional Subsea Equipment Available Upon request

SEAmagine Submersible Pilot Training Program

SEAmagine provides a well-structured pilot training program for its personal submersibles, developed over many years and initially in conjunction with the US Coast Guard. The program includes support during the private luxury submarines' initial setup on the yachts and the training of personal submarine pilots and support crew to handle the submersibles operations as well as general maintenance.

personal small private submarines Triumph model hovering underwater at sea floor.