personal small private submarines view of 3 person sitting inside acrylic dome.


SEAmagine's innovative Aurora private submarine, or personal submersible, technology is a new approach to personal submersible design, maximizing the field of view of the private submarine spherical cabin and providing an unparalleled vista. The occupants aboard this personal submersible have a view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons that provides the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it. When floating at surface the private submersible has a high freeboard to dock to a yacht with a stable platform for people to walk on. Telescopic handrails come up from the top deck of the personal submarine to provide a safe environment for people to board from a yacht in a variety of sea states. The Aurora private submersible offers a solid and straight back stern designed to securely dock to the yacht at surface, further improving safety and logistics.

Optimal Geometry
personal small private submarines Aurora showing greater field of view from its cabin.


The Aurora private submarine field of view is greatly enhanced by moving the access hatch away from the top of the window into a separate compartment behind the personal submersible main cabin. The personal submarine’s unique ability to tilt at surface provides an extremely stable platform for boarding from a yacht and does not require obtrusive forward pontoons that severely restrict peripheral viewing. A specifically designed aft section on the private submersible provides an ideal docking configuration that can be firmly secured to a yacht, as opposed to some awkward geometry. This well thought out approach for private subs, derived from experience is important in ensuring safety and comfort for boarding the personal submarine from a yacht, even in rough sea conditions.

personal small private submarines AURORA 3 person model side view.

personal small private submarines Aurora large entry hatch view.


When floating at surface, the Aurora private submarine or personal submersible offers a solid and stable platform with a high freeboard and a horizontal walking deck, assisted with telescoping hand rails, to guide the boarding process from a yacht to the large top hatch. The purposely designed stern provides a secure docking arrangement for the personal submarine to enhance the convenience of the boarding process from a yacht, important for rough weather operation.

Easy Entry
personal small private submarines Aurora cut view showing gentle staircase.


THE AURORA private submarine or personal submersible has a staircase from the top deck to the passenger seats. The personal submarine is tail up when at surface and the top deck is horizontal. In this configuration the private submersible cabin seats are tilted back so that occupants are sitting horizontally. The center pilot seat in the private submarine folds away during boarding from a yacht to provide a clear passage for passengers to and from the staircase. Once the yacht passengers have boarded the private sub and the hatch is closed, the personal submersible will submerge and its angle will change to a horizontal attitude once underwater. Accordingly, the cabin seats of the private sub return to a horizontal position for the remainder of the dive.

personal small private submarines Aurora front view.

Private Submarine Specifications

3 PERSON MODEL - ABS or DNV-GL Classed Submarine - 300m to 2500m Depth Rated


Designer / Manufacturer SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Model AURORA-3
Number of Occupants 2 Passengers + 1 Pilot
Maximum Operating Depth 300m to 2500m
Classification ABS or DNV-GL
Additional Approval Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
Length 4.71 m
Width 2.77 m - 3.43 m
Height 2.37 m -2.42 m
Dry Weight 5500 Kg - 10,500 Kg
Size and Weight Can Be Customized
Cabin Payload 340 Kg
Hoist Arrangement Multy Point Point Hoist
Maximum Speed 3 Knots
Propulsion Type DC Electric, Venturi Shaped Thrusters
Horizontal Propulsion 4 x 10HP Thrusters
Vertical Propulsion 2 x 10HP Thrusters
Propulsion Mission Time 8-10 Hours
Mission Time 8-10 Hours
Reserve Capacity 96 Hours
Oxygen Monitoring Dual O2 Sensors
CO2 Monitoring Dual CO2 Sensors
Oxygen Delivery System Flow Control
Backup Breathing Systems Standalone Independent Units
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Polymer
Total Power Capacity 40 KWH
Charging Time 2 Hours


ABS or DNV-GL Classification
Underwater Communication System for Personal Submersible and Topside
Topside USBL (Ultra Short Baseline) Tracking Hand Carry Console
Dual Frequency Forward Looking Sonar
LED Flood Lights and Spot Lights
Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) Navigation on Personal Submersible
USBL GPS Navigation Software on Submersible
External Wet Joystick for Surface Handling
Personal Submersible Battery Charger
Color Customized to Client's Request


Robotic Manipulators Arms 5 to 7 Axis Models
Underwater HD Video Systems with Pan and Tilt Units
Fly-Out Mini ROV System with HD Camera, Cutter, and Grabber
SEAmagine 360 Degree Underwater HD Camera System
...More Additional Subsea Equipment Available Upon request

SEAmagine Submersible Pilot Training Program

SEAmagine provides a well-structured personal submersible pilot training program developed over many years and initial developed in conjunction with the US Coast Guard. The program includes supporting the private or personal submersible's initial setup on a yacht and train private submarine pilots as well as support crews to handle personal submersible operations as well as handle general maintenance or the private subs.


The Aurora private submarine's unique entry configuration from a yacht provides a safe horizontal deck with rails leading to a large hatch with a gentle staircase that leads passengers to the personal submersible's seats. This configuration offers the yacht passengers a stair case with a 70 Degree angle from the top deck down to the private sub cabin floor, with hand rails on the top deck walking area, on the top stairs leading to the hatch and on the stairs inside the submarine. At surface, the personal submarine adopts a tail up attitude giving a horizontal walking deck, and is docked aft to the yacht. The large docking rail on the private sub ensures a secure docking configuration for tie down to the yacht. The top deck hand rails are raised for walking on the personal sub and lowered for diving.

boarding of private submarines for yachts with the AURORA-3
The AURORA private submarine docked to its topside ready for boarding passengers