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view of shark

SEAmagine Producing New 5 Person Aurora-90 Series Submersible

June, 2022
SEAmagine has in production a new 5 person Aurora-90 submersible with two interchangeable custom interiors

view of shark

SEAmagine Aurora Submersibles' New Air Conditioning Systems

May, 2022
SEAmagine Aurora submersibles' interiors are now equipped with 7000 BTU air conditioning units to ensure great comfort throughout each dive cycle

view of shark

SEAmagine Submersible Makes Scientific Discovery

December, 2021
Scientific journal publishes first ever recorded sighting of a “Prickly” shark in French Polynesia

SEAmagine submarine view

SEAmagine Aurora Submersible 360 Footage

October, 2021
SEAmagine shares 360 footage taken from inside this 3 Person Aurora’s cabin

SEAmagine submarine view

SEAmagine Delivers 2 Submersibles to Azerbaijan Coast Guard

August, 2021
SEAmagine delivers two submersibles to the Azerbaijan Coast Guard and completes its submersible pilot training program

SEAmagine submarine view

Storing the Aurora-3C Model in Confined Spaces

May, 2021
SEAmagine demonstrates the capacity of its 3-person Aurora-3C model to be stored aboard this yacht's confined space

SEAmagine submarine view

SEAmagine Training Submersible Pilots in Tahiti

January, 2021
SEAmagine instructors are in Tahiti training new sub pilots on a 3 person, 1000m depth rated, Aurora submersible

SEAmagine submarine view

New SEAmagine Submersibles for the US NAVY

November, 2020
SEAmagine completes the sea trials of two new submersibles for the US NAVY.

SEAmagine submarine view

Starting the Aurora Setup aboard M.Y. HODOR

October, 2020
The early stages of setting up an Aurora 3 person submersible aboard a new yacht

SEAmagine submarine view

SEAmagine Demonstration of Powerful Maneuver Controls

April, 2020
A great demonstration of the SEAmagine subs' strong propulsion controls that allow accurate maneuvers close to a wall

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