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SEAmagine Delivers Scientific Submersible

May, 2024
SEAmagine delivers a one-of-a-kind submersible: its latest Aurora-series sub, built to conduct scientific research globally! Unlike other models, it comes with a custom cage to protect the critical research equipment attached to its exterior. The cage’s design also aids in the launch and recovery from a specific vessel and allows researchers to add or relocate equipment as needed.

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SEAmagine Completes New Cutting-Edge Aurora

March, 2024
SEAmagine completes new cutting-edge Aurora. This Aurora series submersible feature seating for three to nine people in a large, acrylic cabin with spacious, front-row seating for all passengers. While different interior options make for impressive aesthetics within Aurora subs, tourists and leisure passengers alike can expect breathtaking views from every angle while the pilot navigates from the back. Models can be depth rated between 100m and 2,300m. Explore the oceans in total comfort.

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Sea Technology Magazine features Editorial from SEAmagine on the Future of Manned Subs Post Titan

January, 2024
SEAmagine had the honor of penning the editorial for the December 2023 edition of Sea Technology Magazine, focusing on manned submersibles for scientific exploration and deep-sea tourism in the wake of the Titan incident. This issue of Sea Technology Magazine also features a SEAmagine sub on its cover page.

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ECO Managize Features SEAmagine Submersibles for Marine Science

November, 2023
ECO magazine features SEAmagine submersibles used in science and in citizen science. The article covers examples of what some of our subs have accomplished in the science sector the past few years.

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SEAmagine Statement

June, 2023
Our statement regarding the tragic event of OceanGate Inc.’s Titan submersible

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Inside MARINE Magazine's Feature Article on SEAmagine

April, 2023
The media group, Inside MARINE magazine features an article on SEAmagine's history and its submersibles

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The Market Herald's TV Interview of SEAmagine at MYS 2022

October, 2022
The media group, The Market Herald from Australia, interviewed SEAmagine for their TV coverage of the Monaco Yacht Show.

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SEAmagine Article Featured in OnBoard Magazine

September, 2022
OnBoard Magazine included a feature article on SEAmagine and its submersibles for the yachting sector in its fall print edition.

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SEAmagine Exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022

September, 2022
SEAmagine will have a stand at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show from September 28th to October 1st. Come and visit us at our stand #QA5 on Quai Antoine 1er.

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Subsea Industry Article in Ocean News & Technology Magazine

August, 2022
SEAmagine was invited to write an article for the August print edition of Ocean News & Technology in which we illustrated, with examples, the unique value propositions crewed underwater vehicles offer the subsea industry.

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SEAmagine Producing New 5 Person Aurora-90 Series Submersible

June, 2022
SEAmagine has in production a new 5 person Aurora-90 submersible with two interchangeable custom interiors

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SEAmagine Aurora Submersibles' New Air Conditioning Systems

May, 2022
SEAmagine Aurora submersibles' interiors are now equipped with 7000 BTU air conditioning units to ensure great comfort throughout each dive cycle

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SEAmagine Submersible Makes Scientific Discovery

December, 2021
Scientific journal publishes first ever recorded sighting of a “Prickly” shark in French Polynesia

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SEAmagine Aurora Submersible 360 Footage

October, 2021
SEAmagine shares 360 footage taken from inside this 3 Person Aurora’s cabin

SEAmagine submarine view

SEAmagine Delivers 2 Submersibles to Azerbaijan Coast Guard

August, 2021
SEAmagine delivers two submersibles to the Azerbaijan Coast Guard and completes its submersible pilot training program

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Storing the Aurora-3C Model in Confined Spaces

May, 2021
SEAmagine demonstrates the capacity of its 3-person Aurora-3C model to be stored aboard this yacht's confined space

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SEAmagine Training Submersible Pilots in Tahiti

January, 2021
SEAmagine instructors are in Tahiti training new sub pilots on a 3 person, 1000m depth rated, Aurora submersible

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New SEAmagine Submersibles for the US NAVY

November, 2020
SEAmagine completes the sea trials of two new submersibles for the US NAVY.

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Starting the Aurora Setup aboard M.Y. HODOR

October, 2020
The early stages of setting up an Aurora 3 person submersible aboard a new yacht

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SEAmagine Demonstration of Powerful Maneuver Controls

April, 2020
A great demonstration of the SEAmagine subs' strong propulsion controls that allow accurate maneuvers close to a wall

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