Manned Submersibles That Can Handle Hard Work

SEAmagine is the only manufacturer that has been producing manned submersibles for various coast guards and the defense sector to help them handle the hardest missions. Our track solid record for reliability and robustness applies not only to the defense sector but also to the subsea industry seeking new efficient underwater solutions to complement existing tools.
submarine on trailer

Rapid Deployment from Land or Offshore Operations

SEAmagine’s Ocean Pearl model has the unique ability to be capable to driven at surface in very shallow water due to its extremely low draft. This allows the sub to be readily transported on land by trailer and be launched from shore from natural ramps or from regular boat ramps. The sub’s high freeboard allows it to be quickly towed to remote dive sites away from a mother-ship when offshore or from a land-based deployment.

submarine launch in marshes

Underwater Agility with Powerful Controls

SEAmagine submersibles have a unique propulsion arrangement with impressive power efficiencies that provides them unsurpassed agility with strength. Our propulsion thrusters are capable of providing practically the same amount thrust force in both forward or reverse flow directions giving the vessels its excellent maneuvering performance. This important characteristic allows pilots to safely maneuver in poor visibility or obstructed areas with accurate controls.

submarine on military ship deck

Instrumental Detection with Visual Confirmation

SEAmagine subs provide an excellent all-round field of view to the occupants and represent an excellent tool for inspections and surveys while at the same time supporting accurate navigation equipment and recording data from underwater cameras, sonars, and acoustic imaging tools. The occupants are empowered with the ability to operate robotic manipulators to collect items or to recover large payloads and bring them back to surface.

submarine on military ship deck

Handle the Hardest Underwater Conditions

SEAmagine subs have successfully accomplished difficult missions in harsh environments with poor water visibility. The subs can handle accurate navigation and underwater positioning in either deep or shallow waters and provide crews safe long dive durations. Our subs allow crews to perform difficult surveys to collect data and measurements in real time and without limitations of an umbilical or the need for large topside vessels or infrastructure.

Our Top Models for Industrial and Defense Objectives

From the selection of submersible options that SEAmagine offers, the following 2 and 3 person configurations are some our recommended models for the industrial and defense objectives:
Ocean Pearl

2 Person 100m Depth Rated
2 Person 380m Depth Rated

Compact Aurora-3C

3 Person 460m Depth Rated
3 Person 1000m Depth Rated

Aurora-80 Series

3 Person
1300m Depth Rated Option

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