SEAmagine Statement

The Tragic Event of OceanGate Inc.’s Titan Submersible
June, 2023

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation is deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of the passengers aboard OceanGate Inc.’s Titan submersible. During this difficult time, SEAmagine offers its condolences to the families and friends of those lost and expresses its gratitude to the brave individuals who worked tirelessly throughout this complex search & rescue effort.

“This unfortunate tragedy underscores the importance of our industry to continue to embrace a culture of safety and adhere to the critical regulations in place to ensure the wellbeing and enjoyment of all submersible passengers. Enthusiasts and researchers who wish to dive undersea should feel comfortable continuing to do so aboard regulated, commercially proven submersibles,” explained SEAmagine’s Co-Founder and Chairman Charles Kohnen. “Without comparison, submersibles that are certified as safe by industry classification societies enable unmatched human exploration, understanding and stewardship of the fascinating and critical space below our oceans.”

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation’s Record of Safety As the original submersible manufacturing company that reinvigorated this marine technology, SEAmagine has set the industry standard since the 1990s for submersible safety. Our fleet of subs have accumulated well over 12,000 dives with a perfect safety record. This represents more dives than all other submersibles currently operating in recreational sector combined. Some of SEAmagine clients have performed over 3,000 dives with their sub over the years without ever once incurring any lost time due to technical problems with their sub. Additionally, SEAmagine is the only manufacturer that has been producing manned submersibles for various coast guards and the defense sector for the most challenging of subsea missions. This is a phenomenal testament to the company’s superior designs, proven engineering and the unparalleled expertise that it earned over the nearly three decades pioneering the manned submersible sector.

Further, today’s modern commercial submarine industry is a worldwide industry sector that is regulated in accordance with international safety standards through Classification Societies that are part of IACS (International Assoc. of Classification Societies). These organizations have rules and safety standards for the design and construction of systems ranging from submersible vehicles to super tankers and oil platforms. The main classification organizations for submersibles include the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyds Registry (LR) among others. Until now, the regulated submarine industry had a safety record of fifty years without incident. This is due to the engineering discipline and professional approach exercised by members of the industry.


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