SEAmagine Demonstration of Powerful Propulsion Controls

A great demonstration of the SEAmagine subs' strong propulsion controls that allow accurate maneuvers close to a wall
April, 2020

Here is a great short video with the 3 Person Aurora-3C Sub diving a wall at a depth of 409 m. It does showcase the accurate maneuverability of the sub hovering on one location up close to a wall and giving the occupants a superb up-close view.

With four vectored propulsion thrusters on each corner plus two vertical thrusters, the Aurora subs maneuver in all directions much like drone. Our thrusters are capable of providing practically the same amount thrust force in both forward or reverse flow directions giving the vessels this excellent agility with strength. This important characteristic allows pilots to safely drive up close to reefs, walls, seamounts, or structures for exceptionally close viewing.

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