New SEAmagine Submersibles for the US NAVY

SEAmagine completes the sea trials of two new submersibles for the US NAVY
November, 2020

SEAmagine just completed the sea trials of two new submersibles it just completed for the US NAVY. These 2 person Ocean Pearl submersible models were commercially procured by NAVSEA and are Classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Built to withstand the harshest sea conditions, the Ocean Pearls are great workhorses, highly modular and practical with powerful propulsion. This submarine model is ideal for work and for keeping field operational logistic simple and practical.

This mini manned submersible model is highly suited for rapid deployment from shore or offshore. the Ocean Pearl model has an extremely low draft and it can be driven on the water’s surface in very shallow water. The sub is readily transported on land by trailer can even be launched from shore using a regular boat ramp. The Ocean Pearl cabin opens fully in half as a clamshell and thereby offering an especially large entry and exit hatch.

The Ocean Pearl is highly modular and can be equipped with a wide range of subsea tools to respond to various underwater tasks. From robotic manipulator arms, camera systems, sonars and acoustic imaging equipment, this submersibles has power and agility. The sub also has a comprehensive underwater navigation system including DVL, USBL, INS, GPS, and surface tracking equipment, to ensure accurate underwater position or mapping surveys.

The Ocean Pearl has considerable spare buoyancy ballast permits high payload recovery. Additionally, the sub can readily hover at a specific location and accurately maintain its position, ideal for a for underwater intervention work.

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