SEAmagine Training Submersible Pilots in Tahiti

SEAmagine instructors are in Tahiti training new sub pilots on a 3 person, 1000m depth rated, Aurora submersible
January, 2021

SEAmagine is training new submersible pilots in Tahiti on a 1000m depth rated 3 person Aurora model. This video clip shares what we typically saw underwater during a training dive cycle. The underwater visibility off the islands in French Polynesia was incredible and each dive offered something new to see and something different for the pilots to handle and improve their proficiency. range. The underwater footage shown was in the 500m – 700m depth range.

The Aurora designs have a strong emphasis on providing the best all-encompassing view to the occupants. The bubble has no hatch on top of its dome and there are no large front pontoons structures obstructing the peripheral views. All these points provide the occupants a far better overall underwater view as well as real up close viewing ability. These submersibles have a rear hull section that provide important additional space to the window’s interior and thereby by provide more room for people and equipment.

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