Storing the Aurora-3C Model in Confined Spaces

SEAmagine demonstrates the capacity of its 3-person Aurora-3C model to be stored aboard this yacht's confined space
May, 2021

This video demonstrates just how compact the Aurora-3C model is and how it can be stored away in a confined space. This 3 Person submersible offers spacious interior space but has a streamlined external dimensions. The video shows the low height of the Aurora-3C model that allows the crew to readily access the interior of the sub through its large entry hatch even when there is a very low ceiling overhead. All these features make it ideal for storing it in confined spaces.

This 3-Person Aurora-3C is depth rated to 460m and has a launch weight of only 3800 Kg and is launched by a 4 ton rated crane. The remarkable amount of space within the very large entry hatch and the roomy entry area inside the submarine hull is unique to this submersible which distinguishes it from any other subs in the same weight category. The panoramic view for the large window offers the front row two passengers and the rear pilot an immersive experience extended with the extra window located in rear entry hatch.

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