SEAmagine Delivers 2 Submersibles to Azerbaijan Coast Guard

SEAmagine delivers two submersibles to the Azerbaijan Coast Guard and completes its submersible pilot training program
August, 2021

Two SEAmagine submersibles were delivered to the Azerbaijan Coast Guard earlier in 2021 and their submersible pilots were trained over a six week period. The vehicles are being used to perform underwater inspections of the vast quantities of oil platforms and pipelines located in the Caspian Sea. SEAmagine completed the pilot and crew training in Baku and this video clip shares some images of a training dive we did around an abandoned oil platform.

The subs are Ocean Pearl models which are highly modular and can be equipped with a wide range of subsea tools to respond to various underwater tasks. From robotic manipulator arms, camera systems, sonars and acoustic imaging equipment. These small submersibles have considerable spare buoyancy ballast that permits high payload recovery. Additionally, these subs can readily hover at a specific location and accurately maintain its position, ideal for a for underwater intervention work. The Ocean Pearl model is a highly effective submersible that requires only basic maintenance and is engineered to keep its core systems to their simplest forms ensuring that crews operating the subs can also easily maintain them.

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