SEAmagine Aurora Submersible 360 Footage

SEAmagine shares 360 footage taken from inside this 3 Person Aurora’s cabin
October, 2021

This short video clip shares footage taken with a 360 camera from inside an Aurora submersible during a dive. The dive was performed off of Moorea Island in French Polynesia. The footage demonstrates the immense spaciousness of the Aurora cabin and the exceptional field of view that it offers the occupants. As one can see in this clip, it is stunning how the sub’s large acrylic window really seems to disappear when underwater. The sub is a SEAmagine 3 person Aurora model depth rated to 1000 m.

The sub’s bubble has no hatch on top of its dome and there are no large front pontoons structures obstructing the peripheral views. All these points provide the occupants a far better overall underwater view as well as real up close viewing ability. With four vectored propulsion thrusters on each corner plus two vertical thrusters, the Aurora subs maneuver in all directions much like drone. Our thrusters are capable of providing practically the same amount thrust force in both forward or reverse flow directions giving the vessels this excellent agility with strength. This important characteristic allows pilots to safely drive up close to reefs, walls, seamounts, or structures for exceptionally close viewing.

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