SEAmagine Producing New 5 Person Aurora-90 Series Submersible

Currently under construction, this new Aurora submersible will have interchangeable interiors
June, 2022

submersible rendition of aurora 90

SEAmagine has under production a 5-person Aurora-90 series submersible that has the unique feature of having two interchangeable interiors. One of the interiors allows 5 occupants to be comfortably seated in the cabin and it can be swapped out with the other interior that offers a 2 person VIP lounge seating arrangement along with the submersible pilot. This submersible will be depth rated to 500m and features all the benefits associated with SEAmagine’s AURORA product line.

The Aurora-90 series are submersibles that feature an extra-large spherical window with a rear metal hull section that together form these subs’ spacious cabin interior that can hold 3, 5 or 6 people depending on the selected depth rating. These submersibles’ extra metal hull section behind the window provides precious additional interior space and gives room for the passengers to all have front row seats in the bubble with the pilot located in the center rear section. The Aurora-90 submarines offer an optimal launch weight under 10 tons with a maximum depth rating of 1000m.

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